Boosie Badazz Oshea feature in Hip-Hop Song With Rapper Duley Trucc About Mental Stress of Police Brutality in Black Men


Duley Trucc and Boosie Badazz record single about police brutality 

Black men feel they have to safeguard their lives when being pulled over by police. Here’s why.

The world that powered technology is advancing towards modernization, yet, it still fails to provide basic human rights. The rules and rights are available in the documentation, but the implementation is yet to take place. Discrimination based on a person’s color, race, or religion, remains unaddressed. Not every person is seen as the same on all pages. Even though thousands of people fall prey to discriminatory actions, the matter is seldom acknowledged by the world’s population. Tevin Speights, popularly known by his stage name, Duley Trucc, teamed up with rapper Boosie Badazz, singer O’shea and Grammy-nominated producer Jonathan D. Wells a member of the Bama Boyz to highlight this serious issue and do a powerful track called, Me or You, about police brutality in black communities. The song now available on all major platforms provides a window into the minds of black men during a historical time in America. Duley Trucc believes that music is a source of inspiration for people in tough times.

The racial climate in today’s society remains tense

In light of the recent verdict of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, the shooting of Daunte Wright, Ma’Khia Bryant, Andrew Brown Jr and the death of Ronald Greene the racial climate in today’s society remains tense. Police approach people of color with hands-on their gun; and people of color feel the police are looking for excuses to make threats and take life-ending actions. When blacks see police they often feel threatened, because both good and bad cops wear the same uniform. When black men encounter the dangers of interacting with police the thought, 'me or you' is a term provoked by fear, rage, the need to protect, and survival instincts. People of color want to see changes in the laws to protect people of color from police brutality.

The whole judicial system should be reformed

To Duley Trucc the whole judicial system should be reformed. It seems as though laws and the sentencing point system are biased against people of color in many states. People of color are targeted disproportionately for traffic stops. Studies already show how blacks are disproportionately sentenced compared to other races and to add injury to insult for those on death row the governor in my state just signed a new law that makes inmates choose electric chair or firing squad. All police officers are not trustworthy to always uphold the law to protect and serve. As a result of the damage being done to black communities, I think Congress and the President need to establish a Federal Trigger Happy Law to address the biased treatment of black Americans and change the sentencing rules that require guideline norms based on previous sentencing decisions. States need to change the sentencing point systems that give higher points to crimes statistically done by people of color while having lower points to crimes statistically done by whites. Also, it’s important to establish housing and job re-entry guidelines that allow blacks who’ve paid their debt to society the freedom and opportunity to fair housing and employment from companies, organizations, and/or persons receiving federal funding or tax advantages to further address discriminatory actions against people of color after incarceration. Having a decent income and place to live will reduce repeat offenses.

Rapper strongly condemns police brutality against black lives

Duley Trucc strongly condemns police brutality against black lives. Police brutality is a stressful issue in the black community as many families lose their loved ones to what is taken as a mistake by police and the media. Still, in his opinion, these are cultural police tactics, practices, and policies designed to incarcerate and put people of color in dangerous situations. He once got unfairly treated by the police as he was at the wrong place at the wrong time when he had to go to the studio to record a feature, and unfortunately, the police raided the place.

Duley Trucc has presented projects regarding contemporary issues to help people heal through the power of music. Music can be used differently to convey powerful messages for various social flaws which go unaddressed otherwise. Duley Trucc chooses to use his voice for inspiration as well as dissemination.

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Watch the full video for "Me or You BLM" below:

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