DJ Drewski Writes Song Review for Duley Trucc's new single, "10 Raccs"

Dj Drewski Review of Duley Trucc's new single, "10 Raccs."

Just listened to 10 Raccs. The record is hard and a straight party record. Definitely made for the strip club and party scene. It’s one of those records you turn on when you trying to catch a turn up vibe. Very catchy hook of course and the beat slaps. You guys are definitely in the right direction, I would just focus on getting it going in the strip clubs and streaming first. It’s going to have to break from there before crossing over. But overall it’s a solid record and if you have any visuals to the song, send it over. 

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Introducing one of the newest elite members of the phenomenal DJ generation: DJ Drewski, a multi-talented hip-hop connoisseur with more than meets the eye.
DJ Drewski grew up in New Jersey. His entrepreneurship started at a very young age where Drewski nurtured a sincere passion for music. With the help of great mentors Cipha Sounds and Angie Martinez, Drewski earned his way into the DJ rank.  His media affiliations include BET, VH1, MTVu, and many more.
Drewski began producing for Hot 97 almost a decade ago. He developed great expertise working as the official producer on The Angie Martinez Show. He improved his skills and continued to create himself within his craft. Meanwhile, Drewski’s work also proved instrumental in Cipha Sounds and DJ Enuff’s production success.  Notably, Drewski works as an A&R and DJ for performing artist Maino and Jim Jones.
Recently, Drewski teamed up with Cipha Sounds to create The MVMT, a dynamic of professional DJs and artists who perform globally. The MVMT serves as a hub for new music and art.  So far in 2015, The MVMT released music, hosted a sold-out showcase concert, partnered with OG Sole, and released their first snapback cap to positive acclaim. Additionally, Dutch Master cigars is sending The MVMT on tour this year for “Wrap Parties.” They currently mix Harrah’s AfterDark Pool Parties in Atlantic City.
It is with the highest pride that Hot 97 granted DJ Drewski his own show, where he will share his well-honed skills with the world. Coupling his loyal supporters with countless artists and producers, let the reign begin.
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