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left to right (Yung Cut, Mr. Hollywood, Roc Da Don) DRE MUZIK Group Fam
Exclusive:  Hip Hop Money Magazine sits down with Mr. Hollywood, founder of DRE MUZIK Group.
Independently owned and operated DRE MUZIK Group, a record label and brand management company, which stands for DReal Evolution of Muzik, is located in the heart of the West-side of Atlanta, Georgia. Founded by Jesus "Mr. Hollywood" Mendoza, born in Panama but raised in New York City, an O. G. in the hip hop game. Hollywood, who is also a writer, got his start in the game in 1989. Hollywood went on to work extensively with Jermaine Dupree of SoSo Def Records, Loud Records, and finally Violator Records before going into business for himself.
Taking a more strategic approach to growing his company Mr. Hollywood is not only developing artist on his roster like Yung Cut, and Roc Da Don, but he is simultaneously building a brand management and consulting firm. The services offered by DRE MUZIK Group include artist development and promotional services to artist looking to advance their career. As major labels have all but cut out artist development all together, DRE MUZIK Group is there to fill a void.
The organization consist of a team of industry professionals with over 20 years of combined entertainment industry experience. A complete list of services include locating writers, producers, vocal coaches, stylists, arranging studio time, photography, artist features, arrange DJ mixtape hostings plus directing and producing music videos in their own 13,000 sq ft in-house video production facility.
Mr. Hollywood, and DRE MUZIK Group is fastly building a name for itself as the company host weekly showcases in the city, while establishing himself as the go-to guy for music video production services. Having directed videos for some of the biggest names in the Atlanta hip hop scene, he has his finger the pulse.
Espada Tequila
Wood, as he is called in his executive office by those close to him, has been able to accomplish what few independents have. He has brokered a brand marketing deal with a very strong spirits brand, Espada Tequila. Based out of Texas, Espada Tequila is quickly spreading throughout the Southeast, and DRE MUZIK Group is the face of the brand in hip hop culture.
Mr. Hollywood is building a force to be reckoned, not only has he flooded the internet with his product, but be on the look out for him appearing on the next installment of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.
HipHopMoneyMagazine.com salutes Mr. Hollywood & DRE MUZIK Group!
Connect with Mr. Hollywood & DRE MUZIK Group:
Dre Muzik Studios:
1313 Sylvan Rd
Atlanta, GA 30310

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